What we do


Not only do we house our residents in quality modern furnished accommodation we offer them support on a one to one or group basis. The residents begin to receive support as soon as they move with us. We meet the resident and form a relationship with them in order to establish what their wants and needs are. By doing this we can create a tailored support plan for our residents and give them the greatest support possible.

Our main focus is to enable our residents to move on and live independently, therefore in order to do this we aim to teach life essential skills through supporting them with:

  • Successfully maintaining a tenancy
  • Self care & life skills
  • How to manage money and personal admin
  • Taking personal responsibility and motivation
  • Physical and mental wellbeing
  • Providing a positive impact on the community

We have a therapy dog that often accompanies us on walks with our residents or pops into the office to say hello. Many of our residents have built a strong relationship and some may even take the dog on a walk from time to time. Such activities help to relax the mind and give our residents activities to do and an escape from any negative aspects that are occurring in their lives currently.

After we have given all this support to a resident and the time comes for them to move onto their new home and to begin living independently we offer our help in finding them a place that’s affordable and right for them.


We have a range of high quality shared and self-contained properties located in Derby, Heanor and Somercotes. All of our properties have been recently refurbished and are maintained to the highest standards to provide safe and secure accommodation for our residents. Prior to accepting new residents, we ensure they are matched appropriately to the type of accommodation and the existing residents. We support our new residents throughout the resettlement process to make sure they are comfortable and ensure they have the best chance of settling in.


At Spectrum we often host events or fundraisers for the benefit of our residents.

Typical events consist of walks, car boot sales and outings. Hosting such events help our residents form friendships, improve social skills and make lasting memories. In addition to this many of our activities include aspects of physical activity, at Spectrum we believe in the many benefits of regular physical activity and how it can be good for the mind, body and soul, therefore we try to host such events as regularly as possible. We often advertise our events on our Facebook page.

At Spectrum we rely on funding from others to give the vital support we need. Therefore we often host fundraising events such as sponsored walks in order to provide vital services to our residents, to find out how you can help us fundraise and make a difference, click below.

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